The Book, a Passion ... Three decades of communication

Our communication is above all a finger print of a strong desire to share our passion for the manufacture of a book.

The 80s

Two books in packaging. Our first creation presented in the form of two albums mounted in a box.

A second creation was a collection of four books presented in a deluxe box and translated into three languages, which were presenting our manufacturing resources, our ambitions, and our financial reports.

The 90's
A book with a triple bind inserted in a cutout box.
In 1990, we designed and produced a book with a double mirror opening presented in a box. This book illustrates, in the manner of Jean de La Fontaine, our corporate philosophy for the 90s

The 2000’s

Showcase of our “savoir faire”.

On the occasion of the turn of the millennium, we produced an 80-page book, delivered in a two-part sheath. A concentrate of technical prowess, this book was intended to showcase our “savoir faire” by inserting double-flap pages, lenticular holograms, transparent films printed in four-color process and a selective gilding and varnish. This book prepared us to conquer the major European markets of the 2000s and the arrival of the new European currency.

Sharing our “savoir faire”

By events

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new “Star 2000” automated binding line, we published a road map in a “book of packaging” in order to invite our customers to come and discover it in operation. This map represents, step by step, the route of the works on the production line

By specialized press

changes in the Group's structure and new technological investments are presented on the back cover of magazines specializing in the book business.


By practical guides

the “Pass'Part” booklet, a very original way of presenting each of our subsidiaries. It was published in 2000 and then reissued in English in 2005


By internet and social networks

From 1997, all of the Group's activity was already available in three languages on our website