OUR COMMITMENTS Corporate Social Responsibility

BY Jean-François Fargnier

The Partenaires-Livres® Group is one of the most important French leaders of the graphic arts and carries in its DNA all the values of the CSR. The Group's Corporate Social Responsibility approach focuses on controlling:

• the supply chain

• the business ethics

• sustainable development and responsible purchasing

• gas emissions while avoiding pollution with great respect for biodiversity

• logistics

• human resources and rights.

Furthermore, our Group is fighting corruption, discrimination, in working for progress within society as a whole to respond ever better to the social, environmental and economic expectations. Every subject is shared by all employees in order to give meaning to our know-how.

Its aim is to work for the benefit of people and society, keeping a collective and an individual commitment, in a common energy.


The Partenaires-Livres® Group pursues a process of never ending improvement of its environmental performance and the prevention of related risks, by launching audits and compliance checks with its environmental policy, the law and all other requirements to which the Group subscribes.

Moreover, in order to marry Ecology and Economy, the Group has developed a program named "Pact 30" which consists of reducing our consumption; Water-electricity-gasoline by 30% in five years.


The Group acts transparently as a responsible employer, promoting diversity, compliance with international laws and conventions on working conditions and human rights. We raise awareness among stakeholders about the issues of non-discrimination,

In a few words: solidarity, security, taking into account the most vulnerable. To ensure compliance with these fundamental rules, each stakeholder in the company has taken cognizance and validated our strict charters. The social lift in our society is a reality and a formidable internal engine.


The Group has defined clear and inflexible rules through its Ethical Code. It is addressed to each employee of the Group, whatever his hierarchical position and its assignment.

It consists of five parts:

• references inspired by Group and employee actions

• joint commitments by Partenaires- Livres® and employees

• employer commitments

• employee commitments

• and the manager's specific commitments.

Partners-Livres® and its employees recognize commitment, integrity, openness, adaptability as key values.

The Partenaires-Livres® Groupextends all its social and environmental responsibility to its suppliers. All its partners are selected according to ethical, environmental, societal and economic criteria. The signing of our Responsible Purchasing Charter is a mandatory in preamble to any negotiations. Our suppliers engage themselves in an active and productive CSR approach and provide us with audits and certificates.

The own indicators of follow-up of these initiatives allow us to define action plans and to place ourselves in a process of continuous improvement.
As you may have understoodThe Partenaires-Livres® Groupcombines whenever possible ecology, well-being at work and profitability, and where this does not seem possible, the group innovates by creating a new approach to Tasks and missions within the company.

These founding pillars have been fruitful and the group is proud to maintain its margin whilereconciling: man, nature and machine, such a precious challenge in more difficult than ever world.


As you know, we have been passionately involved in producing "Books" for 30 years.

In order to be served you much better, Partenaires-Livres® and its subsidiaries have been developed CSR activities of sustainable development for several years.

Over the course of 2016, ECOVADIS was audited our management policy and our daily operation to evaluate our performance.

And here we are: on Thursday 23rd of February, the whole group was rewarded in the section of more 500 people, by the silver medal with the notation 60. We are pleasure to share this very good news with you.

Of course, we will keep pursuing these commitments every day to improve as best as possible is our philosophy and actions, while enriching our working relationship as well.

The details will be found in the attachments below.