Specialist in leather, gold and fine paper work

Since their creation in 1923, The Ateliers Babouot have specialized in binding works in very fine paper: encyclopedias, liturgical books and La Pléiade library which represents 80% of their production.

A long history unites them with Gallimard, the publisher of the famous collection.

In 1931, the latter undertook the publication of great authors in a format designed for travel, and entrusted them with the binding.

The productions of the BABOUOT Workshops require per year: 45 kg of 23 karat gold, first quality leather and Bible paper with a fineness of 36 g / m².

La Pléiade library

This collection brings together editions referenced as the greatest works of French and foreign literary and philosophical heritage, printed on Bible paper and bound under a full skin cover gilded with fine gold.

Elegant and practical, easy to read, the collection is enriched by ten to twelve volumes per year. The texts are drawn up using the most reliable manuscripts, editions or documents. The proposed translations are new or revised. Unpublished works are revealed as often as possible, prefaces, notices and notes due to the best specialists await the curious or the researcher.

The 630 volumes and 273 authors of the catalog are pampered in the workshops for three weeks on average, before reaching bookstores and points of sale.